Fr Peter – “Together” Newsletter 2nd August

SUNDAY AUGUST 2 2020.    NEWSLETTER 20.    COVID 19The eighth Sunday after Trinity.         079 038 079 46 Dear friends throughout the world,Welcome to newsletter 20. You may be wondering how long this will all go on ...... maybe, for sometime. Now it seems masks have to be worn in church, by everyone. Well, if it helps to keep us all safe, let's wear them. Perhaps we could have a mask making / design project ...... send your entries to FP., closing date is .......... (To be announced!)  NEWSLETTER 22. Remember always, that wherever you are in the world this newsletter comes to you with the love and assurance of prayers from:The Rev'd Carole Holmes, Methodist Superintendent / Hayle, Camborne & RedruthThe Rev'd Caspar Bush, Rector of the Benefice of RedruthPastor Jenny Lockwood, Lanner Methodist ChapelReader Jim Seth, Diocesan Chaplain of ReadersDON'T FORGET TO MAKE / DESIGN A MASK!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxTHE GOSPEL READING: Matthew 14 vv13 - 21This passage, the feeding of the five thousand, was one of the passages studied in the recent "Encounters with Jesus" discussion groups. It follows on from previous Sunday readings, which have focused on the planting of seed and the need for a good harvest. Here, as Jesus reaches out to the hungry the reader is reminded that God's love extends to all, and that no-one need feel excluded from the circle of his arms. One of the members in a particular group suggested that it was the child's generosity, his willingness to share his lunch that prompted everyone else to share what they had brought to eat. Hence as everyone shared what they had, everyone was fed and "nothing was lost".It is an interesting take on the story, and it is perhaps relevant to what many people found during the lockdown, and which, sadly, has begun to fade…

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