Together – the weekly Newsletter Compiled by Fr Peter (Illustrated!)

together aug 23rd Link to the PDF illustrated version of the Newlsetter.

This week:

Dear Readers,

The ‘new normal ‘ seems to becoming part of everyone’s life.  We hope, wherever you are, in whatever nation, in or out of lockdown, that you are coping well and know that you are bring supported by the prayers of many.

If you have had A level or GCSE results and are now beginning to prepare for a new chapter in your journey, go well into the future. In the words of Pencoys Primary School: BE PROUD, BE DIFFERENT, BE PART OF SOMETHING SPECIAL. Remember, there are so many opportunities, so many chances for you to explore. The future of the planet rests in your hands, and in the hands of your children. May God bless you all and keep you safe.

A second THANK YOU to everyone involved in the 75th Anniversary VJ Event on Saturday August 15. It was a remarkable event, and much appreciated. Who will forget Perran’s brief appearance and his “hiya” as he left the screen.

With love from

The Rev’d Carole Holmes, Methodist Superintendent for Camborne, Hayle & Redruth

The Rev’d Caspar Bush, Area Dean & Rector of Redruth

Pastor Jenny Lockwood, Lanner Chapel

Reader Jim Seth, Diocesan Chaplain to Readers


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