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St Andrews Pencoys & FLAPJACK

FOUR LANES AND FLAPJACK – Thoughts on What We need in a new Rector of Redruth

  (Four Lanes And Pencoys Join And Cheer the King)

  The Chapel is at the centre of the village and referred to by some as a modern hall which is used as a community hub


  1. Outgoing
  2. People friendly
  3. Good personality
  4. Innovative with new ideas – but not too new!
  5. At ease with all ages
  6. Works well with others
  7. Will make gradual changes where necessary
  8. Team player
  9. Honours other denominations
  10. Will encourage the laity
  11. Community minded – friendly and will chat in a pub
  12. Not just a rector for us, someone who will bring in younger people
  13. An understanding of rural life
  1. An awareness that most of Cornwall is not like the TV programmes which shows sunshine, beaches, successful people and businesses. We are an isolated county; there is no motorway until Exeter (for quick get-a-ways), only one main hospital and a single line railway
  2. The Priest needs to be part of the villages
  3. A matter of faith (JT) The Rector should be a Christian priest who lives and shares their faith openly and sincerely with a readiness to witness at every opportunity, to bring God into everyday situations; to share their belief that Jesus Christ is their Saviour and Lord, merging his Divinity with the struggles of humanity. Personal witness to God’s power and immeasurable love is our greatest strength in growing his church.


  1. Must accept its success as it works as one unit in two buildings, and without it the chapel and the church would probably have closed
  2. FLAPJACK tries to work both with and alongside the community with its two halls, Childrens’ work and social events
  3. FLAPJACK has both lay, ordained and lay leadership and all are honoured and seen as equal, with the church tolling a bell within its services
  4. FLAPJACK supports women’s ministry and LGBTQ? Rights
  5. The priest must be prepared to be a ‘Methodist’ when presiding in the chapel
  6. FLAPJACK presents a united front to the two villages – God’s love knows no barriers


  1. Light on children
  2. Older congregations
  3. There is a missing generation
  4. There are two communities old and new
  5. “Working together that we may be one in Christ”

Annual Christmas Tree Exhibition, inviiting

  1. participation  from the local community..  
  2. Regular Annual Event on the first Sunday in October:  
  3. St. Andrew Pencoys/Flapjack; Bring and Share
  4. Harvest Supper Service.