I am worried about someone- it may be a safeguarding incident - who should I tell?

St Andrews Redruth

St Andrews Pencoys

St Euny Redruth

St Stephens Treleigh

Christchurch Lanner

Jim Seth

Jill Tolputt

Jason Hoole-Jackson

Robin Knight

Mary Anson

Each Church has a safeguarding officer, someone who is there most weeks who is approachable and you can chat to in confidence knowing they have had training and knows who to go to.

Jim  is Safeguarding coordinator for the benefice and collates reports from the officers and liaises with the diocese as well as training around the diocese. 

Safeguarding is very important to us and anyone volunteering to work with vulnerable adults or children will have a DBS check and will go through a safer recruitment procedure. We follow the Church of England Safeguarding policy. See below for useful links.

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