The death of someone close is the hardest experience most of us will ever go through. This leaflet comes with our prayers and thoughts at this difficult time.

You do not need to be a regular church-goer to
call on us, we are here to help if we can.
This leaflet is for you to keep, perhaps it will be
useful now, or maybe in the weeks or months

Don’t be afraid to get in touch if there is
something that we can do to help or if you are
worried about someone else who has been
affected by bereavement.

Bereavement – how people feel

No two people grieve in exactly the same way,
but many people experience similar emotions and feelings. People talk about feeling “numb,” sometimes unable to cry. This can last for hours, days or even weeks.

People often say “I can’t believe it” or expect the
person to just walk back in, or even seem to “forget” for a moment about what has happened. Some people experience a powerful “yearning”. Some people feel angry or experience other very powerful emotions. There may be a deep sadness, sudden tears, perhaps withdrawal from
family or friends. Sleep patterns may be disturbed, appetite and energy levels may change.

All of these are natural reactions to loss and
although they might be powerful and frightening they are part of the healing process. Grieving takes time, at least a year before we start to feel normal again and often more like two years. People move through these experiences and eventually begin to feel better and able to move on. We can often help people if they get “stuck” in one stage of grief.

The day of the funeral

Do not be afraid. God loves you and walks with you. God will hold you in his arms and be your strength.

This prayer might help.

Dear God,
your son Jesus wept at the grave of his friend
You know how I feel today,
you are with me and you are my strong rock, so
give me strength.
Help me to trust in your promises,
and help me to do the things I must do.
I ask this in the name of Jesus,

And a prayer remembering those who have died.
Holy God, you love us in life and in death,
watch over those we have lost, send your angels
to keep them safe and bring them to your side.
I ask this in the name of Jesus,

What the church teaches.
The most important thing that the church
teaches is that God loves us. We know that this
can be hard to believe when something terrible
has happened, and bad things in life are very
hard to explain. We might wish there were easy
answers, but it isn’t so.

We believe that God loves us so much that he
sent Jesus Christ into the world. Jesus taught a way of living and how to treat other people, but he also taught us about death. Jesus tried to tell his friends about the death he was going to suffer, he said “do not let your hearts be
troubled, believe in God, believe also in me… I
will take you to myself so that where I am, there you may be also.”

God loves us in life and still loves us in death,
Jesus showed us that God can conquer death
and that passing from human sight is not the

Getting in touch, and finding help

Get in touch, even if it is a long time since the
funeral, we are always ready to meet you and listen.

The Rev’d Chris Harrigan
07981 816361

Father Peter Fellows
07903 807946

Other people who might help…

Your GP is a good place to start.

CRUSE offer bereavement counselling locally,
they can be contacted as follows:
cornwall helpline 01726 76100
national helpline 0844 477 9400
young people’s helpline 0808 808 1677

Coming to church our main Sunday services;
St Euny Church 11.15am
St Andrew Redruth 9.30am
St Stephen Treleigh 11.15am
Christchurch Lanner 9.30am
St Andrew Pencoys 11.15am

The church usually holds an annual service in October or November particularly for people who have been bereaved.