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The Rectory
The Rectory -
A view of the large lounge from the Kitchen doors
The Lounge looking twowards the kitchen out to the left and the doors to the conseratory.
The Rectory Kitchen- wih a view through to the downstairs toiletand utility area
The Easter Cross on Carn Brea watching over the town

Welcome to this page!! If you are reading this you are most likely someone interested in the post of the new Rector of Redruth whether to apply…. or just being curious about what has been written!  We are hoping that a lot of men and women will look at the webpage and the Parish Profile and think about applying because Redruth is a very special place. Ellie, one of our teenagers was quick to point out that its not scary and the congregations are not very scary either! But.. Redruth is a challenge and needs a person of vision who is able to lead, encourage and bring out the best in us so that we can help bring others to know the love of Christ. The five churches work very closely together and support one another’s initiatives and events and all share the same desire to grow in numbers and to grow in faith. 

 The Deanery plan for the Diocesan  “On the Way” Initiative describes the large changes that have taken place.  Click to download.

The Deanery Plan

Two Pages of statistics about church attendance and giving for 3/5 of the team!


transition questionnaire Click for the word document.

We asked all the congregations to contribute to the parish profile and this was the questionnaire we used. We had lots of response, lots of enthusiasm and, amazingly, lots of agreement about the shape of the Rector shaped hole…… is it Your shape?


Thinking of Redruth, Four lanes, Lanner and Treleigh –


What are the star points of living here?


What are the challenges for the local communities surrounding our churches?




Star points of living here: In common with many towns and villages, we have issues of poverty. We have, however, a tangible sense of a growing, vibrant community, crossing many different ‘tribes’. The emerging creative communities are engaging and vibrant, bring new people into the town, all of whom are keen to engage in the life of Redruth. One of the challenges for our worshipping communities is to support these new town events and get to know the people involved. Getting to know them and supporting their efforts will hopefully be reciprocal. Benefice Focus: We at Treleigh are seeking to engage with God’s work and very supportive of the events in our other churches. We want to collaborate even more and are actively exploring ways to do this.


The Star Points of Living Here:

The wonderful proof of God’s love and provision for us in our surrounding countryside and beaches.

An amazing place to live especially for families and their animals. Good schools, both primary and secondary education with Truro and Camborne Further Education Colleges within a few miles and on main bus routes.

There is a main line railway station and mostly good bus links between the main towns and villages.

Redruth has so much history and the people of the town are doing their best to make it a thriving community with some new and independent retail outlets, a variety of cafes, library and a great cinema.



An area of deprivation, both socially and economically, low wages, seasonal jobs, lack of available and suitable housing;  high rents and house prices mainly because of 2nd homes and holiday lets.

Isolation for those people who live off the main public transport routes, have no transport of their own and may have limited mobility.

Limited social care available which can cause ‘bed-blocking’ in our only major General Hospital.

Overall, we are a friendly and caring Benefice who try to work together and support each other in bringing the love of our Lord Jesus Christ into the wider community.


Community- variety of different people

WORKSHOP (teenagers club) should come back.


Proximity to busy tourist areas but not overrun by traffic or visitors during summer Poverty and lack of affordable housing Ageing congregations and amongst church council members



Star points are surrounding rural (and coastal) beauty but there are huge issues, how do we reach out most f us are getting old- how do we do this/ the town community and its church face hardship. Young people are being ignored. No youth work on the streets and no places to go.


Churches support one another.

Sense of community and togetherness being built.

Good schools and transport links.

Beach and country walks.

Well appointed vicarage.

The younger generations with their influences found on social media outside of Cornwall are losing their Cornish traditions and togetherness from the older generation who are trying to hold Cornish traditions high.

We need a bridge to bring that together to reduce isolation , separation and loss of Cornish tradition.



The last question what are the star points of living here,  again, the closeness to beautiful countryside and coast. Very friendly communities, Low crime rate.  The worries we have with falling congregations, mainly through illness and old age.  How do we encourage new worshippers.  It is a constant concern whether at the end of each month we have enough money to keep the church open. 


Star points: Carn Brea brings us all closer to God. The people and the animals mean that we are living in God’s earth. The great flat lode offers great walking and cycling opportunities and is within walking distance of the Rectory.

Challenges: Bridging the gap between those seeking more evangelical worship (e.g. the Engine House Church), and more mainstream worship while being conscious of not alienating the existing worshipping community.


The benefice of Redruth is in a land locked area, which, although is only three miles from the nearest beach, it is not somewhere which many people who are here as a visitor would expect to see, as Redruth does not fit in with the popular public perception of Cornwall. If you are expecting to come to Redruth and live an idyllic beach life, then maybe you will need to rethink your priorities. You may find an idyllic rural life, but many local residents rarely visit the beaches.


Energising people to take on a more proactive role in the day to day running of the church.

Encouraging younger and more energetic people

Redruth is more equivalent to declining Industrial area than wealthy retirement and playground with all the associated economic and environmental issues and concerns. We would strongly recommend that someone considering coming to Redruth should watch the documentary ‘Cornwall’ with Simon Reeves to gain a greater understanding of the realities of living in Redruth and the Cornwall which is unseen by the people in power.

As a peninsula, Cornwall has only one border with the rest of England. This has an effect of leaving us isolated in terms of being able to rely on other areas to share healthcare.

An increasingly elderly demographic means that there is great strain on the NHS, which is exacerbated by the seasonal demands placed on it by the tourism industry.

There is a strong need for proactive pastoral care.

It is hoped that by being honest about the realities of living in Redruth that we might attract a person who is energised and challenged by these things.

We would love to meet you and show you around. Come and see!

The recent addition of a Parish Nurse is a step in the right direction, however, this is only one community outreach volunteer who will concentrate of the needs of young children. Once this role is established there will be a further challenge to recruit more Parish Nurses  to cover a wider range of needs and build on this resource.





Any other comments or thoughts that someone looking at the advert and information might find helpful.


Or you might like to  comment on the diocese as a whole

It’s not scary- most of us aren’t either



Schools, children and young people are a big issue. We need to have more contact, more influence – church should offer so much more -what a challenge!


Strength is in Cornwall’s geographical isolation.  Cornwall is built on tradition, a tradition strongly associated with the people’s most historical occupation – mining, and a culture that has influenced its cuisine, symbols and identity.  Redruth people are built on a community of miners with its festivals such as St Piran’s Day and Murdoch Fay.  Redruth community is strong but sometimes lost.  It needs a leader to bring it back into the Light and bring into the forefront togetherness not loneliness in a willing community.


Beautiful environment between general community and young people, housing crisis, homelessness poverty.



someone who can carry on with leading the benefice into the future and build on the work Caspar has done. 

What we do not want is someone who without consultation wants to change everything.  We have good interaction from both the ministry team and congregations in all five church and that is a plus point that can be built on.






(264) DoT Transitions Alex Sharp P1 – YouTube

Here is a very useful little video exaplaining what potential applicants might be looking for. 

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