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Five Alive October 2019 edition

Rector’s Notes – OCTOBER 2019

When Christians disagree…

I recently came across a fascinating address by Revd Sam Wells, vicar of St Martin in the Field Trafalgar Square, to the recent Inclusive Church conference on the subject of how to cope when Christians disagree about important matters.

There are several areas this might happen of course. At the time of writing Brexit is the most obvious, but human sexuality is another matter not yet settled in the Church of England, or it might simply be about things that should or should not happen in the life of our local church that we feel strongly about. The human temptation that we see powerfully in our media is to shout ever louder in the (forlorn) hope that our opponent will eventually see that we are right, and change their mind.

For Christians, Wells suggests another route. He points out St Paul’s powerful words in

Philippians 3:20 ‘Our citizenship is in heaven’. What I find most helpful about this is the

radical reminder that the most important thing is not about where we are coming from, or what group we’d like to align ourselves with, but rather where we are going! The chances are we will NEVER reconcile some of our passionately-held differences of opinion. But instead of constantly reminding ourselves of these differences we could try concentrating instead on where we are going – heaven – where there is more than enough love for all, more than enough joy and truth, and space for ALL to flourish, and where these differences will seem a world away.

That points us to the definition of the Church: a bunch of people who come from a great

variety of different places, but are all heading for the same place.

Being a Christian transforms our identity. Please God, it stops us forcefully trying to insist that I am right and you are wrong, as we shift our focus instead onto the journey we’re all making to the place none of us have yet been. The challenge for us is to love now as if we’re already there. Acknowledging our differences, but allowing ourselves to be owned not by whatever group we might feel we want to belong to here on earth, but rather owned by our holy, good, reconciling, and loving God.

With my prayers & best wishes

Caspar Bush (Team Rector)

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Rector’s Notes – MAY 2019
Easter Season
I write this on Holy Saturday, that most curious of days while we wait after the trauma of Christ’s Passion for his glorious resurrection. And though by the time you read this Easter Day will be long gone, I make no apology for dwelling on the theme of Easter because of course the season of Easter lasts throughout the month of May this year, and beyond! Remembering the resurrection of Christ is far too important to be over all in a day. New life that we see most wonderfully in the risen Jesus is ours to rejoice in every day. God is still making things new
today! Easter is so much more than the remembrance of that day that Jesus rose from the grave. That’s why I rather like the fact that the date of Easter moves around each year, be-cause in a small way it reminds us that the power of God that raised Christ from the dead is not something we contain neatly in a box. That power is at work and active in the world today, and God invites us to notice what God’s up to and join in with it!

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Rector’s Notes – APRIL 2019

Bishop Philip – a very good start!

Our benefice has had more than its fair share of the new Bishop of Truro in his first two months, and I’m very pleased to report what a delightful man he is!

At the beginning of March he came to take part in our town’s St Piran’s Day festivities. At the end of the procession he spoke to everyone about the example of St Piran – how on the one hand Piran reminds us that welcoming in outsiders is a noble thing to do (there was a bit of a ripple in the crowd as he mentioned that Piran wasn’t Cornish – he was Irish of course!!). Then again Piran was an intrepid adventurer in coming over the sea, and over the years tens of thousands of Cornish people have also ventured abroad, to be found digging at the bottom of any hole, the bishop reminded us. So it’s good for us to lift our eyes beyond our county

borders and not be afraid to look for more distant horizons.

+Philip was back just a week later to license Deb Grigg as our new team vicar – it’s just great to have Deb with us now. Watch this space for very interesting new ideas that she’s already thinking about.

Finally the bishop was back here as part of a deanery visit. He’s visiting all the deaneries

during this spring, keen to see what’s going on. So as rural dean I took him to visit Crossroads dementia care home at Scorrier, to the All Saints Community Centre in Tuckingmill, and also to our own St Euny Open Café. He delighted all of us there by very enthusiastically joining in with the ukelele group!

In the evening he spoke to the

Deanery Roadshow in Pool about his

vision to celebrate children and young people, to encourage pioneers, to see

each person renewed in their faith and discipleship, and other things. Please continue to pray for +Philip as he leads us.

With my prayers, and very best


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Rector’s Notes – MARCH 2019
A new team member!
I’m very pleased to report that we have been able to recruit a new team vicar for mission in record time.
Revd Deborah Grigg, known as Deb, is someone I trained with and know very well. Her background is in teaching modern foreign languages, and she has a very broad range of church experience, though she has a particular passion for and skill at connecting the Church with local schools, and a lot of experi-ence at setting up Messy Church and Open the Book groups – ask her about them if you’re not sure what they are!

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